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What does Home & Contents Insurance include?

Peace of mind when you need it the most

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    Building Cover
    Cover the damage or loss of your home, garage, shed and other structures.
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    Contents Cover
    Cover for replacing (new-for-old) or repairing items that are damaged or stolen.
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    Temporary Accommodation**
    (Up to 12 months)
    If your home is unfit to live in due to damage or loss, temporary accommodation is provided for your family and pets.
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    Legal Liability
    Up to $20 million compensation for legal costs relating to death or injury to other people, or loss or damage to their property.
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    Debris Removal & Services
    Removal of debris, demolition, professional services, building-application fees and storage of undamaged contents.
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    Replacement of Locks
    Up to $1000 for replacement of locks or key codes if your keys are stolen.


Catch has teamed up with Australian insurer Auto & General, who protects the assets of more than 1,000,000 Australians.


Auto & General bring their claims management expertise to ensure Catch Insurance is there when you need us most.

Insured Events

For life’s unexpected events, Catch Home & Contents Insurance will cover you against damage and loss caused by:

  • Storm and rainwater (flood is optional)
  • Fire
  • Lightning
  • Theft or burglary
  • Escape of liquid (e.g. burst pipe)
  • Impact damage (e.g. fallen tree)
  • Breakage of glass, ceramic and sanitary fixtures
  • Malicious damage, vandalism riot or civil commotion
  • Explosion
  • Earthquake or tsunami

Limits, terms and conditions apply. See PDS for full details.


Need more information?

Download the product disclosure statement (PDS)


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Optional extras

Customise your insurance by adding one or more of these optional extras to your policy

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    Covers your home & contents for loss or damage caused by flooding rivers, creeks and other bodies of water.
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    Personal Effects
    Cover for items you take away from your home such as cameras, jewellery, bicycles and musical instruments.
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    Accidental Damage
    Extend your Accidental Damage cover to include unexpected mishaps that are caused unintentionally.
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    Motor Burnout
    Cover for electrical appliances (less than 10 years old) in case a power surge burns out a motor.
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    Commercial Storage
    We will cover loss or damage caused by an insured event to your contents stored in a commercial storage facility for your period of insurance.

    This only includes contents covered under your Contents Insurance cover.


Will I have to pay two excess fees if I make a claim for loss or damage to my home & contents?

No – you will only be required to pay the higher of the two excesses you have selected. This only applies to Basic or Fixed excesses.

Will my home repairs be guaranteed if I make a claim?

Yes, we are committed to ensuring you receive high quality authorised repairs, including workmanship and materials.

Do I need to list contents on my policy?

You can choose to list the following on your Catch Home & Contents Insurance policy:

  • Contents you want to insure for more than our item limits (for select items only)
  • Personal effects you want to insure when you take them away with you from your home (e.g.: cameras, jewellery, bicycles, and musical instruments)

You can list your contents when you receive a quote and purchase a policy. Alternatively, if you’ve already bought one, you can add them by contacting us on 1800 036 608, Monday – Friday 8:00am – 10:30pm AEST, Saturday 8:00am – 5:00pm AEST.

I have changed security on my property - do I need to let you know?

Yes – the security in your property is very important to us, as it may affect how much cover we can offer you.

I am commencing renovation on my property - do I need to let you know?

Yes – you must advise us so that we can appropriately advise you on your cover during renovations.

Are my home & contents covered for flood?

Yes – if you decide to take cover for ‘Flood’ as an optional cover. This covers your home and contents against loss or damage caused by flooding rivers, creeks and other bodies of water.

Does Home & Contents Insurance cover damage caused by insects, including termites?

No – Catch Home & Contents Insurance does not cover damage caused by insects.

How can my Insurer assist me if I am experiencing vulnerability?

Our insurance partner, Auto & General may be able to assist you.

  • If you are experiencing domestic or family violence and wish to seek assistance with respect to your policy from the Insurer, please click here for the Insurer’s Family Violence Policy.
  • If you wish to speak to a consultant about your situation, please call 1800 724 678. Please note our consultants may be able to make any changes required to your policy information and provide you with useful information which may assist you with your situation.
  • Your Insurer may also provide you access to several professional organisations who offer support beyond insurance. Please click here for more information.
Do you subscribe to an industry code?

Our insurance is underwritten by Auto & General Insurance Company Limited (Auto & General) who is a member of the Insurance Council of Australia and a signatory to the General Insurance Code of Practice (the Code). By signing up to the Code, they promise to act in an open, honest and fair manner in all their dealings with customers.

Auto & General and Catch Insurance are committed to helping our customers better understand their rights when buying insurance, making claims, resolving a complaint, or experiencing financial hardship.

General insurers’ compliance with the code is monitored and enforced by an independent body called the Code Governance Committee (CGC). Customers can report suspected breaches to the CGC, which then investigates and, if necessary, agrees with the insurer on corrective measures within set timeframes. Any failure to correct a breach can lead to CGC sanctions, which are binding on insurers.
A copy of the code can be accessed by visiting

Home Insurance – How much cover to I need?

When purchasing home insurance, it’s up to you to determine the total sum insured, to cover you for replacing your home and/or contents if they were destroyed by an insured event.

To help with this, our insurance issuer Auto & General Insurance Company has made available replacement value calculators, that can be used as a guide to estimate the replacement value of your home and contents.

These calculators can be found here.

Do you offer support for paying a home insurance excess?

When lodging a claim, we encourage you to tell us if you need support in paying your excess. Depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible for Financial Hardship support. An overview of the steps to apply for financial hardship support provided by our insurance partner (Auto & General) are outlined here.


Get insured & get up to $120


When you sign up to Catch Home & Contents Insurance, you can receive up to $120 CatchBack* to spend at

With over 2,000,000 deals, there’s something for everyone.

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Get insured & get up to $120


When you sign up to Catch Home & Contents Insurance, you can receive up to $120 CatchBack* to spend at

With over 2,000,000 deals, there’s something for everyone.

Checkout Catch