What is covered by Domestic Travel Insurance?

Peace of mind when you need it the most.

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    Cancellations and delays
    Up to $10,000 cover for cancellation fees or lost deposits if your trip is cancelled due to an insured event.
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    Luggage and personal items^
    If your luggage or personal items get lost, stolen or damaged, we'll cover the cost of repairing or replacing up to $5,000 (sub-limits apply).
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    Rental vehicle insurance excess
    Hire a rental car and up to $4,000 excess is covered if you become liable to pay as a result of the car being damaged or stolen.
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    Additional expenses
    If your trip is disrupted or you have to return home early due to an insured event, cover up to $5,000 for additional accomodation, meals & travel expenses.
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    Personal liability
    Up to $1.5 million of legal liability cover for accidental injury of someone else or damaging or losing someone else's property during your trip.
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    Delayed luggage allowance
    If your baggage is delayed by an airline or transport company for more than 24 hours, we'll cover the cost of buying essential items, up to $250.

Limits, ^sub-limits, terms and conditions apply. See PDS for full details.


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Catch has teamed up with Australian insurer Auto & General, who protects the assets of more than 1,000,000 Australians.


Auto & General bring their claims management expertise to ensure Catch Insurance is there when you need us most.

Optional extras

Customise your insurance by adding one or more

of these optional extras to your policy:

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    Snow Sports CoverInsures you against loss or injury while skiing, snowboarding, ice-skating and more.
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    Excess ReductionFlexibility to halve your excess or choose to have no excess.

Limits, terms and conditions apply. See PDS for full details.



How can I make a Travel Insurance claim?

Our Emergency Assistance is available 24/7. To make a claim, you can:

How do I add extras to my policy?

You can upgrade your cover and add optional extras to your policy, like snow sports cover or excess reduction, for an additional premium. Optional extras can be added when you get a quote and buy a policy. 

Who can purchase Catch Travel Insurance?

To be eligible for Catch Travel Insurance you must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident, or non-permanent resident with a valid Medicare card, private health or overseas student travel insurance for the duration of your trip. Your policy must be purchased before you depart on your trip which must begin in Australia.

How many people can be covered under one policy?

You can cover up to 10 travellers (including dependent children) under one policy. Dependent children (including step, fostered or adopted children or grandchildren) must be:

  • Under 18 years of age
  • Financially dependent on you
  • Listed on your travel insurance policy
Do the benefit amount limits apply to each family member or to the family as a whole?

Depending on your requirements, travel insurance quotes can be customised to provide cover per person or per family. The benefit amount limits are per insured person on your policy.

Will I have to pay an excess if I make a claim?

Your excess will depend on what type of travel insurance benefit you are claiming. Some benefits will attract a higher excess, while others won’t attract an excess. Note that if your excess exceeds the amount you are claiming, you won’t get anything back.

 For an additional premium, you can choose to remove or reduce your excess. Simply add this optional extra to your policy when you receive a quote and purchase your insurance policy.

Which sports and activities do you cover?
  • Abseiling (fully harnessed)*†
  • Amateur athletics
  • Archaeological digging
  • Archery (amateur and occasional only)
  • Assault course (no weapons)*†
  • Badminton (amateur and occasional only)
  • Baseball (amateur and occasional only)
  • Basketball (amateur and occasional only)
  • Battle re-enactment (no live firearms)*†
  • Breathing observation bubble diving (maximum depth 30 metres)*
  • Bridge walking (supervised by a fully trained guide only)*
  • Bungee jumps (three jumps maximum)
  • Camel or elephant riding or trekking†
  • Canoeing (grade 1 and 2 rapids or lower)†
  • Canoeing (grade 3 and 4 rapids)*†
  • Canopy walking or tree-top walking*
  • Cave tubing or river tubing*†
  • Clay-pigeon shooting†
  • Coasteering (amateur and occasional only)*†
  • Conservation or charity work (educational and environmental – working with hand tools only)†
  • Cricket (amateur and occasional only)
  • Cycle touring†
  • Cycling
  • Dragon boating†
  • Dune or wadi bashing†
  • Falconry*†
  • Football (amateur and occasional only)†
  • Go-karting*†
  • Golf (amateur and occasional only)
  • Gorge swinging or canyon swinging (no personal accident or personal liability cover with Domestic Cover)*
  • Gorge walking*†
  • Hockey†
  • Horse riding (not polo, hunting or jumping)†
  • Hot-air ballooning*†
  • Husky sledge driving*
  • Jet boating†
  • Jet skiing†
  • Jogging
  • Kayaking (grade 1 and 2 rapids or lower)†
  • Kayaking (grade 3 and 4 rapids)*†
  • Lugeing – not ice*†
  • Marathons – amateur and occasional only†
  • Martial arts – training only†
  • Motorcycling – 125cc and over (please note General Exclusion 11 in the PDS)†
  • Motorcycling – under 125cc (please note General Exclusion 11 in the PDS)†
  • Mountain biking – not racing or extreme ground conditions or stunts†
  • Mud buggying*†
  • Netball (amateur and occasional only)
  • Orienteering (amateur and occasional only)
  • Ostrich riding (not racing)*†
  • Paintballing (wearing eye protection)*†
  • Parasailing*
  • Parascending – over water†
  • Passenger in private or small aircraft or helicopter*†
  • Quad biking*†
  • Rafting – white or black water (grade 3 and 4 rapids)*†
  • Rafting – white or black water (grade 1 and 2 rapids)†
  • Rambling
  • Refereeing (on an amateur basis)
  • Rock climbing (indoor and harnessed)†
  • Roller blading (no racing, half-pipe, stunts or extreme skating)
  • Rowing (amateur and occasional only)
  • Rugby codes (amateur and occasional only) †
  • Running (sprint and long distance)
  • Safari
  • Sand boarding
  • Sand yachting†
  • Scuba diving (qualified, maximum depth 30 metres, not diving alone)†
  • Scuba diving (unqualified but with instructor, maximum depth 30 metres)*†
  • Sea canoeing or kayaking – short or day trips only, with overnight stays (not on water)†
  • Sea canoeing or kayaking (day trips and coastal only)
  • Sleigh rides (as part of a Christmas trip to Northern Europe)
  • Skateboarding (no racing, half-pipe, stunts or extreme skating)
  • Snorkelling
  • Squash
  • Surfing (not big wave or extreme surfing)
  • Swimming
  • Target rifle shooting†
  • Tennis (amateur and occasional only)
  • Trekking or hiking (over 3,000 metres but under 5,000 metres altitude)*
  • Trekking or hiking (under 3,000 metres altitude)
  • Tubing*
  • Volleyball (amateur and occasional only)
  • Wake boarding (no stunts)
  • Water polo (amateur and occasional only)
  • Waterskiing (no stunts)
  • Windsurfing†
  • Yachting (not racing and sailing inside territorial waters)†
  • Zip lining*†
  • Zorbing*

 *Must be available to the general public, be conducted by a commercial operator, not be considered extreme risk, and not require special skills or a high level of fitness to undertake.

†You are not covered for Personal Accident (section F of the product disclosure statement) or Personal Liability (section G). For more details, please read the PDS.

 Snow sports cover can be added to your Catch Travel Insurance policy for an additional premium.

What changes can I make to my Insurance policy?

You may be able to change the following details of your policy, depending on the time at which you decide to make changes:

  • Add travellers to your policy
  • Update your Travel destination(s)
  • Add optional extras 

You can make these changes by contacting us on 1800 281 227, Monday – Friday, 8am-5pm, AEST.

Will Domestic Travel Insurance cover my own car?

No, Domestic Travel insurance only covers hire cars. We will cover any hire-car insurance excess you become liable to pay as a result of the car being damaged or stolen, up to $4,000.

How can my Insurer assist me if I am experiencing vulnerability?

Our insurance partner, Auto & General may be able to assist you.

  • If you are experiencing domestic or family violence and wish to seek assistance with respect to your policy from the Insurer, please click here for the Insurer’s Family Violence Policy.
  • If you wish to speak to a consultant about your situation, please call 1800 724 678. Please note our consultants may be able to make any changes required to your policy information and provide you with useful information which may assist you with your situation.
  • Your Insurer may also provide you access to several professional organisations who offer support beyond insurance. Please click here for more information.

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